SLM Mission

Becoming legendary doesn’t happen by chance.

It happens by choice.

It all starts with deciding you want more out of your life.

Too many people are waiting for a knocking at their door with the magic button to finally give them the life they always wanted. You and I both know this isn’t how it works.

Getting the life you have always imagined for yourself isn’t an easy path, but if you’re here, hard work doesn’t scare you. You know that all of the best rewards in life require hard work, sweat equity, and sacrifice. Every person who has ever become legendary knew this, too.

This is what The Strenuous Life Manifesto is about: Creating your ideal life without any half-assed tactics.

In order to get in phenomenal shape, start your own business, get a raise, build a lifelong marriage, write a book, get out of debt, become a professional athlete, or any other avenue you desire, you have to choose the strenuous life. Especially if you want success in multiple endeavors.

Creating a life of ease or just getting by on shitty tactics will never build a legendary life.

If you’re at this site, you’re not looking for an average life. You’re not looking for a life where you wake up every day and drink on the beach. Sure, that’s a great vacation, but it’s not a life worth remembering. Building your dream life through hard work so you can turn around and help others, that is a fulfilling life, and that is what you’re after.

Do you want to be quickly forgotten as soon as you’re gone, or do you want to be someone always remembered?

Check out the site. Comment on posts. Put the steps into action. Join today and start building your legendary life!

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