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Embrace the Suck

The biggest lie we have been told is that discomfort is a bad thing. Discomfort is the best damn thing that could ever happen to you. When we’re kids, we love to try new things. Sure, there’s the kids who cry at the thought of doing anything new, but for the most part they will…

Renew Your Spirit By Spending Time Outside

The older I get, the more I start to understand why parents would push us off technology when we were kids. (I won’t get on a tangent of how more of our parents are addicted to technology than we are now…) Don’t get me wrong – I love technology. I run my entire business through…

How to change your life – what to do with time off

With more people home than ever before, it’s put a lot of people in the position to start looking at their downtime. While this blog is not a fan of the “work yourself to death” mentality, it is a believer in the idea that you should be maximizing your time as much as possible. Time…

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