Overwhelmed? What to Focus on Instead

To get what you want, you need to focus on the end goal, but what happens when the steps along the way get overwhelming?

This is something I see all the time and I get caught in myself.

We see the chiseled body and can’t understand why it’s taking us so long.
We see people making six figures the first year in their business and get frustrated our journey seems to be taking longer.

The daily grind can get to us if we focus too much on the end goal instead of the next steps in front of us.

The problem is that the next steps aren’t “sexy”. We live in a world where we are constantly being sold on the end result instead of the process.

Ads show us fit, rich, successful people. They don’t show the sleepless nights and the exhausting workouts.

The end result is always built on the hard next steps in front of you.

I recently got caught up in overwhelm while thinking about the big vision. Some days the big vision is motivating, but some days I just need to focus on the next things in my “to do” list and get them done.

The legendary life isn’t found in ease. It’s not found in comfort.

The next steps in front of you are usually the hardest. It’s hard to start a business, pitch to people, start working out, ask that classmate out, or whatever your goal is.

Without taking those next few steps, you’ll be stuck in mediocrity. Just dreaming of the life you could have while other people are out there living it.

You may not “feel” like hustling, but you have to if you’re ever going to build the life you want.

The secret to the life we want can be found in conquering the day in front of us. When we focus on conquering the day, before we know it, we have conquered the week. Then the month. Then the quarter. Then the year.

A year of putting in the work every single day will bring each of us closer to our overall goal.

Sure, focus and day dream about your end goal, but never quit tackling each day as it comes.

What is on your list today? Where can you push yourself farther than you planned today? What do you want a year from now and how can you get one step closer today?

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